BEWARE OF SCAMS from Phone Calls/ Emails/ SMS Requesting For Your PERSONAL INFORMATION/ BANKING INFORMATION/ PAYMENT on Credit Card Transactions.

AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad would like to remind members of the public to be more vigilant when receiving any calls claiming that it is from AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad or Bank Negara Malaysia or any commercial banks.

The facts are that:



Based on recent complaints received by AEON Credit Service (M) Berhad, there has been an increase in incidents of fraudsters making such calls to unknowing members of the public in order to fraudulently obtain their personal banking information, with the aim of siphoning monies from their accounts.

From investigations, the latest modus operandi of the scam is as follows:

1.     Victim receives telephone call from a 'AEON Credit Service' requesting victim to make a payment for their ‘AEON credit card’ transaction usage of purchase of goods to facilitate their increase of credit limit request/ change personal detail/ apply personal loan/ confirm a credit card transaction for example, transactions in Singapore purportedly charged to the victim's credit card.

2.     When the victim informs the fraudster that he/ she has no such credit card or transaction, the fraudster will sound concerned and will advise victim to lodge a report with Bank Negara Malaysia's "Unit Kad Kredit Palsu" or report to AEON Branch. The fraudster will provide the victim with the telephone number for the "Unit Kad Kredit Palsu".

3.     When the victim calls the telephone number provided, he would be greeted by an automated voice message which identifies the company as Bank Negara Malaysia, and the call will be answered by someone claiming to be a Bank Negara Malaysia officer. The officer will request for information relating to the victim's banking and credit card accounts. The fraudster will then instruct the victim to transfer money over the counter to a third party account in the pretext of safeguarding the victim's money.

In other cases, fraudsters will request for information relating to the victim's banking and credit card accounts to illegally transfer funds out of the victim's bank account



1-     Please be reminded to ignore such call/ sms/ email and to refrain from giving personal banking information to anyone under any circumstances. Financial institutions, including credit card issuers and Bank Negara Malaysia and all banking institutions will never request for personal banking information when contacting customers, be it via telephone calls, SMS or emails.

2-     Lodge a police report

3-     Walk-in to any nearest AEON Credit branch/ Call customer Care Line at 603-2719 9999/ Email to

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